Competition Services

If you just want your suspension setting up, or paddock support for a race meeting, to us fully prepping a car from scratch to meet championship regulations, we can cater for your needs.

Our specialities are MG ZR’s, MG ZS’s and MGF’s, with our customers having competed in the Lancaster insurance MGOC Championship, the MGCC MG Trophy, the MGCC Cockshoot cup, CSCC TinTops and various rally championships to name a few, but we have experience working with other competition vehicles such as Honda Civics and Mitsubishi EVO’s.

  • Chassis seam welding & strengthening plates
  • Suspension choice (spring rates, dampers)
  • hydragas gassing and¬†individualising
  • Corner weighting
  • Suspension geometry/setup
  • Roll cage fitting
  • Custom made sump guards
  • Engine building
  • Gearbox building (ratio/LSD options)
  • Bush replacements (suspension and drive gear)
  • Engine conversions
  • Paddock support for competition days and testing
  • Arrive and drive race car rental.
  • Digital dash wiring and calibration (Stack, AiM MLX etc)
  • Aftermarket ECU wiring
  • Engine conversion wiring
  • Wiring weight reduction

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