Leigh T16 Engine Bay

The services we offer range from simple to outrageous. From an oil and filter change to a one off engine conversion, we can do it all. We are especially proud of our T-16 conversions. We strive to make all our conversions, no matter what vehicle, look factory fitted and use all the factory functions. If you're after more power, all our rebuilds are to a high standard, giving the power you want. Engines aren't our only specialty. We can also do one off brake fitting fabrications, matching custom calipers to discs and advising you on the correct pads, rotor size and caliper piston size for your specific application.

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Some of our more specialist work has been carried out on this bus.

We can offer a suspension setup service, where we can setup coilover suspension systems, or even just fit a set of lowering springs. After prepping track and rally cars our suspension experience is second to none. Our gearbox rebuild service allows for uprated components and specific ratio choices to suit your application. We are able to customise interiors and fit electronic accessories, such as In Car Entertainment and satellite navigation systems to work with extra monitors and camera detection systems.

Our routine maintenance on this 1959 AEC regent double decker bus is very thorough and we push our engineering skills to save parts which are hard to find. It's not the easiest work to do but it always seems to put a smile on our faces.