Project Cars
Johns Car

John Marshall’s MG ZR Honda B16 rally car

After turning his back on the K-series, John came to us with the request of wanting a Honda B16 V-Tec engine fitting into his rally car. Our pleasure John...

Ades Car

Adrian's 4WD ZR EVO

Originally planned for a T-series, Adrian's car will be one of the most customised ZRs made, with a tuned Evo 9 Mivec engine and modified running gear, this 4 wheel drive ZR should be something to contend with.

Danny's Car

Danny B's 1600 VVC

Yes that's not a typo that really is the correct specification of Dan's car. With a piston and liner swap and a custom variable valve control set-up his car makes a very rev happy insurance happy sleeper that surprises most.

Ades DAX

Ade's DAX

After spending many hours replacing pretty much all that can be this car will be able to take on much more exotic machinery have a look at the spec and you will see that this car is serious about performance.

Johnny Car

Jonny's 440bhp MR2

Running a Rev2 engine with forged internals and Motec engine management makes it a hair raising proposition in the wet and fun in the dry. Johnny's car has had no expense spared with an AP racing brake setup and water injection this car really does have everything.

In this section, you will see some of AMWmotorsport's own, and customer's cars, ranging from naturally aspirated, to high-flowing turbo engines. We build cars suitable for race, rally, road and general driving pleasure.

We don't just specialise in building high spec fast cars, we can also carry out modifications offered by manufacturers, such as cruise control systems, parking sensors and in-car multimedia set-ups.

Project cars like these are set to be the cream of the crop in the modified car scene due to the attention to detail that only a company like our's can provide, and we pay as much consideration to every car that we were work on.

Please click on each heading at the right to view the specifications of these vehicles and you will notice each one has exclusive features that we have pioneered and developed.

This type of work is our specialty and we love the challenge, so feel free to call us and see if we can do for you what others would be unsure of.

Let's see if we can give you the exclusivity that owning a modified vehicle deserves.