Welcome to AMWmotorsport.

With many years experience working on performance road, show and race cars, we not only offer a comprehensive service for tuning of any vehicle, but also general maintenance and repair. Our experience and vast knowledge covers engine rebuilds, engine transplants, gearbox rebuilds, suspension set ups, exhaust manifold and exhaust system engineering/manufacture as well as many other aspects Engine Conversion of vehicles. We are also well known for our wiring expertise and are commonly used during engine conversions on many different vehicles.

With experience ranging from a 1950s bus to modern turbocharged and Wankel engines, we are sure we can cater to your needs.

Cars we've built, such as a Dax Rush Quadra, ZR rally car and Honda civic turbos, have always been finished to a high standard and 90% of all cars we have built are used either competitively or used as show cars.

We have experience with many varieties of vehicles, ranging from MG-Rover and Honda, to VW and Mitsubishi. Not only do we enhance vehicles via fitting of performance upgrades such as suspension components and engine rebuilds, but we also have an online shop were performance parts can be purchased and delivered to your door.